Dr. Pakalns brand was created in the honour of Dailonis Pakalns, a pharmacist and doctor of biological sciences, who was the one who, through careful analysis and study of the effects of plants on the human body, developed the contents of the product line. The results of his research have been featured in more than 180 publications and he has participated and given speeches in numerous conferences. During his lifetime Dr. Pakalns wrote and published several books in Latvia and in autumn 2019, with the support of JSC RIGA PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY, published his last book “Phytotherapy”.


The brand’s mission is to create products that combine nature and science. Dr. Pakalns product range includes syrups and hot drinks for cough, throat spray, liquid medicines and capsules for immunity, digestive system, sleep and anti-stress, nasal drops and ointment. The raw materials used in the production of Dr. Pakalns products are carefully tested to meet all the quality criteria, thus ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the products.

In the autumn of 2018, the brand's image underwent changes and by early 2019, the first products with the new design packaging found their way onto the pharmacy shelves. The design uses dark green shades of the logo, combined with white and rusty brown tones in plant drawings, according to the product's specific composition. The visual identity of Dr. Pakalns symbolizes nature, reflecting at the same time the natural composition of the products. The packaging of Dr. Pakalns product line has won awards in several categories in the national competition "Best Packaging in Latvia 2019" organized by the Latvian Packaging Association.


JSC “RIGA PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY”, the owner of Dr. Pakalns brand, holds the leading position in the production of herbal remedies among the Baltic States, accounting for up to 80% of the total production. JSC “RIGA PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY” has a long industrial history, dating back to 1950 when the company was merely a drug packaging station; seven years later (1957), the company became the Riga Pharmaceutical Factory. The company produces herbal medicines (tinctures, combined drops, ointments, liniment and powders), tea, nutritional supplements and cosmetics.